Hi! I am Brigitte

For the last years I've been working as a freelance creative in the field of branding and communication.

I love to help people creating their vision and to motivate and inspire them to go for their best. This is how I can help YOU!

Brand identity | visual design

Looking for a new brand identity? I can help you with your mission and vision and translate it into a visual style that fits your needs. And combine everything in a well organized brand book!

Web (UX-UI) | Project lead

Not only I can help you with the visuals of your brand, I can also lead, visualize and build the architecture of your website.

INfographic design

Yesss, hit me up when you are in need of a strong an clear infographic to explain your complex problems or solutions in a simple way to your target group!

Creative Concept Development |
create impact

I don't lie if I tell you that I will allays find the most creative and suitable solution for your design question Online and Offline. I can also lead the project from the beginning to the end! I love to give everybody who's involved, the opportunity to show their strengths.

MY Work

I made a small selection of
my favorite work, please have a look!

Brand identity &visual design

Branding, Visual design & Website

Branding market stand, Visual design, Brandbook

Branding, Visual design, Brandbook

Branding, Visual design, Brandbook

WEBDesign (UX/ui) & project lead

Branding, Webdesign (webflow)

Webdesign (UX/UI), Project lead

Webdesign (UX/UI), Project lead (partly)


All Infographics Combined

creative concept development &
creating impact

Sustainability manager, creative concepting, impact

Creative concepting, design, project management

Academic research, concept development, impact

Want to work with me?Lets go!

Contact me by sending an email to info@brigitteaarts.com